We provide solutions for Schools, Universities and Districts. Cable TV, CCTV, Video Surveillance, Digital TV transition, IPTV Solutions, Coax and Fiber Optic Networks, Distribution systems, Remote Broadcast systems, In-House channels, Video, Audio, Display Systems, School TV Studio's, INET, and other Custom Communications Systems. We can help design and manage your network. Sonlight Communications can also assist with shared resources such as fiber, leased circuits, wireless and other technologies to provide additional communications transport between schools and district offices.

Cable TV  

We offer a broad range of solutions and help to small cable systems and large MSO’s for a variety of projects including Digital Cable, HDTV, SDV, VOD, VoIP, DOCSIS, IPTV, Headend and Hub, Plant and Network, Design, Capacity management, Combining, Fiber, Circuits and Provisioning, Analysis, Maintenance, Ad-Insertion, INET's, School and Hospitality projects, and other technical projects.

Broadcast TV 

Signal transport solutions from local to long distance using our relationships with many local and national fiber and circuit providers. Satellite distribution, encoding and decoding, Digital projects, Interconnects, Studio projects and more.


Television systems, Hospital facility Interconnects, Fiber projects, Remote Communications Solutions for Patients, Clinics and other medical offices, VOD systems, In-House Channels, Digital transition and more.

Business Solutions for Hotels, Casinos, Government, and Other Business  

We can provide solutions for TV systems, CCTV systems, Cable and Satellite TV, VOD (Video on Demand), In-House Channels, Advertising, Coax, Fiber and Ethernet based distribution systems, Signal Processing, Mini Headends, Signal Transport, Data systems, Digital TV transition, IPTV, and just about anything to do with TV and Data systems.

Communications Industry 

We provide project management, construction, consulting and solutions for just about any TV, Transport or fiber related application.