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About US

Sonlight Communications Corp was founded by John Giudice in 1995 to provide quality engineering, installation and construction expertise to educational industries. Steve Bradley joined Sonlight in 2009 to expand the companies portfolio of service offerings in the rapidly evolving communications industries.

Sonlight has been consistently providing quality service to our customers for over 20 years. 

Sonlight Communications Corp is based in the heart of Northern California.

Primary Service areas include All of Northern California, and Western Nevada.


John Giudice is a long time Business and Communications Professional. John has owned and operated Communication Construction Companies, Design and Consulting Companies, and has built, operated and owned Cable Television Companies over the last 30 years. John's background and experience in the Communications Industry has helped him establish many well respected industry relationships and trusted confidence from his customers.

JIM SHIRLEY  is an experienced partner of Sonlight Communications with over 35 years in the telecomunications industry. jim's experience with fiber optic technologies, Cable TV, and Communications Technologies brings a high level of expertise and technical skills to the work we perform for our customers. Jim is also has experience and certifications with telecommunications contruction and safety practices. 

Brian Porter  has been a partner of Sonlight Communications for over 30 years. Brian's experience in Video, fiber, Cable TV and Communications Technologies provide stability and quality standards to the work we perform for our customers. Brian is also a recording engineer for the music industry and operates a full service recording studio: Studio C muzic

Steve Bradley is a long time Engineering Professional with an extensive background in managing many complicated communications projects. Steve has over 30 years of experience in Video, fiber, Cable TV and Communications Technologies. Steve belongs to many industry associations and is an active Director of the SCTE (Society of Telecommunications Engineers) Sierra Chapter and has several SCTE, NCTI, and industry certifications. Learn More about Steve Bradley's Credentials via LinkedIn.